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Spider Control in Hobart

Pest Summary

  • Australia has over 2400 species of spider
  • Funnel Web and Red Back spiders are the most dangerous spiders that can be found in Hobart. If you get bitten, seek medical attentianion immmediately.
  • Spiders are not easily controlled, especially in outdoor areas. professional pest control services are needed to deter spiders for the long term.
  • Even though most spiders are not dangerous, you should't touch or disturb them as many species can leave a nasty bite.

More Information on Spiders

It is difficult to determine how many species of spiders live in and around Hobart. Some species originate from Tasmania, whilst many reside in mainland Australia and overseas.

Having one or two spiders in your home is not such a big issue, in fact they can act as a natural pest control, by eating flies, moths and other flying insects.

Its important to note that ground hunting spiders (i.e spiders that do not create webs) are very difficult to control, this is due to their dynamic and mobile nature.

Species of Spider Found in Hobart

  • Huntsman Spider
  • White Tailed Spider
  • Jumping Spider
  • Black House Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Enamelled Back Spider
  • Funnel Web and Trapdoor Spiders
  • Orb Web Spider
  • Sac Spider
  • Prowling Spider
  • Crab Spider

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