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Millipede Control in Hobart

Pest Summary

  • Their diet consists of damp and decaying wood and plant materials. They scavenge feeding on decaying organic matter
  • They invade the house during extremely wet seasons or extreme drought
  • TMillipedes usually die within a few days of entering a structure unless there is a source of high moisture and a food supply
  • Millipedes are active at night

More Information on Millipedes

Having lots of short legs makes millipedes very slow, but they are very powerful burrowers. With the legs moving in a wave-like pattern, they easily force their way underground, head first. Due to their lack of speed, a millipede's main defence mechanism is to coil into a tight circle, protecting their legs inside their armoured body.

Many species also emit a poisonous liquid which can burn the exoskeleton of ants and other insect predators, and the skin and eyes of larger predators. This chemical is harmless to humans, although may cause irritation to your eyes. A millipede only uses this defence if you drop, pinch, or roughly handle them.

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