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Bird Control in Hobart

Pest Summary

  • There are over 800 species of birds within Asutralia, 12 of which are native to Tasmania and can be found in or around Hobart
  • Common pest Birds such as Pigeons thrive in urban areas and therfore can nest within our homes/premises.
  • Birds can present a health risk to our society as they can spread disease via their feaces
  • Nesting Birds can also attract other insect pests to your home.

More Information on Birds

Detecting a birds nest early is very important in keeping them away. Birds use their own smells to distinguish their homes from others. Therefore, once they have settled in a particular location it can be difficult to have them removed.

It is especially important to control Birds that are nested near food production facilities/warehouses. The soiling of equipment can spread nasty bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella - making Birds a potential health risk.

Birds are best controlled using methods that will prevent them from returning to their nests. This includes identifying their food source and/or restricting the access to where they are located.

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