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Ant Control in Hobart

Pest Summary

  • Ants belong to the insect order Hymenoptara, they are relatives of bees and wasps
  • Ants live in colony nests, each colony can hold up to half a million ants
  • Ants are found in a variety of habitats - in the soil, in timber, under paving stones, in wall cavities and roof spaces
  • Ants are able to travel large distances in search of food , they are particularly attracted to sugary foods
  • Even the cleanest kitchens can provide a ready food source for ants
  • Some ant species can inflict a nasty bite but the majority are a nuisance pest when they infest pantries, kitchens and BBQ areas
  • During the summer time ants are in search of food to be then stored in their colony for the winter period and therefore Ants can be a problem in summer

More Information on Ants

Ants are both predators and scavengers in hunt for sugary, oily or foods high in protein. They usually enter and infest our homes when they locate a source of food.

Ants communicate using a chemical called “pheromones”. They are able to leave trials of this chemical to indicate where a food source is coming from. This is why we usually see armys of ants following the same trial to and from the nest and food source.

Ants acan usually be controlled with good hygiene, especially around areas that store food. If infestations get too bad then we can eliminate them using sprays, dusts or baits to get target the nests.

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